It’s on. 

In June, the NSA’s cease and desist order took down this parody on our website using bogus copyright claims stating that we - or anyone in the known universe - needs permission from the Director of the NSA to even mention the spy agency or use their taxpayer-funded logo.

Throughout this bizarre imbroglio, people far and wide have asked, Now what… What are you going to do about it?”

In all honesty, we figured, like most people, that this thing would come to some reasonable resolution.  The NSA would clarify that they don’t have a problem with our “peeping while your sleeping" parody because they knew they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on, and we would resume doing what we do.

That didn’t happen. 

In fact, the NSA has made it crystal clear that they not only have no sense of humor, but they do not intend to back down on this issue at all.  (The Chief Counsel of the NSA’s name on the take-down letter made that clear.)

In short, they believe that it is illegal to make fun of them.  No joke!!!

In fact, they state that even mentioning the letters “NSA” is a violation of the law! 

After reading the original cease and desist that threatens imprisonment for any of us going against their threat, and speaking to many legal experts outraged by the case, we decided it’s time to sue these bastards in federal court.

We have been lucky enough to receive legal representation from one of the most badass litigators out there in this area, but we NEED YOUR HELP if this thing has any chance of success. 

We’re just a few people literally running a mom & pop company.  (My wife is making supper for the children downstairs as I write this.) That’s exactly why the NSA thinks it can do whatever it wants.  It’s betting none of you will care. 

We don’t think that’s the case.  We think they overplayed their hand.   If we thought nobody cared and we couldn’t win this thing, we wouldn’t even waste your time.  

So we’re asking for your help!

Share this with friends and family.  If you can buy a shirt in our crowdfunding campaign, thank you!

If you aren’t a t-shirt person, check out any of these items at our shop. 

While the NSA has billions of dollars at it’s disposal, and an army of lawyers, we don’t.   We just have you and a few lawyers donating their time to do what’s right. 

We don’t need billions. They do.  That’s how they roll.  Intimidation.

We’ve got the law, and determination.

Thank you,

Dan McCall

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