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Don’t tell me what to do.

I had to go to court to prove my right to parody the NSA.  NSA Director Keith Alexander evidently thought that I needed written permission to make fun of them.   Thankfully I won in court.  But wouldn’t it have been much easier if we all were just given one of these?

Who’s ready for some baseball?

Nate Scimio got stabbed defending his friends when a student at Franklin Regional High Schoolwent on a stabbing spree this morning - he was also able to pull the fire alarm, which fellow students say likely saved lives. He posted this selfie at Children’s hospital.

Well done.  Glad you’re okay. 


I’m applying for a job at and making some visual content is part of the process. I am for sure going to show them this blog so I figured it would be cool for them to see the notes on it. ;)

If I don’t get the job I think this is important to share anyways.


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